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Default Shower pump and tray combinations

On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 21:01:42 +0100, Roger Mills

I'm planning to refurbish my en-suite bathroom (actually shower room
plus toilet and basin) and would like a shower with a bit of urge -
meaning with a reasonably powerful dual pump to produce a good supply of
(vented) hot and cold stored water. I also want a very low "walk-in"
tray for ease of access as I age. However, I'm wondering whether these
two requirements may be incompatible. Even with a full enclosure, there
needs to be a door - which wouldn't seal well enough to hold water above
tray level.

Are there any rules of thumb for how much flow a shower drain can handle
without flooding the tray? It may be that the only options are either to
go fully "wet-room" with no tray or enclosure, or to settle for a lower
flow rate.

I would like to hear from anyone who has faced similar issues, and to
know what solution they ended up with.

Having just been to B&Q this morning and failed to find the right sort
of replacement waste system for my own shower, it looks as if there
are shower trays and waste systems specifically designed for power
shower applications. The magic figure seemed to be 30-something
litres/min. Any idea what you expect the output to be from your pumped