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Default Smart Water Meters

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Theo wrote:

Mark Carver wrote:
What is a smart meter, have I already got one ?* The present one has
some sort of RFID functionality I assume, coz the van from South East
Water drives up our road, emitting a signal, that causes the meters to
'ping' back their readings ?

Around here the mechanical indoor water meters are cabled to a ~10cm round
black plastic 'puck' that's mounted on the front wall of the house. To my
knowledge there's no power supply or battery in the meter (never had to
change one in 15 years, although I suppose it could be powered from the
water pressure).

I had assumed that a meter reader went around with a battery powered gadget
and touched it to the puck, which illuminated a coil in the puck with RF and
that stimulated some resonances within the meter digits, so you got an RF
resonance that corresponded to which digit was in which position. That
means you can read it passively like an RFID without needing a power supply.

But I have no evidence for this, and I now can't find a picture. I've never
seen anyone read it, but they could do this without ringing the bell.

Are you saying this kind can be read from a van? I'm rather surprised at
the amount of RF power needed if so. Or maybe there are multiple types.


I had two water meters fitted in 2010 and about a year later I caught
sight of a Yorkshire Water van parked outside my house.

Intrigued I approached the driver and asked if he was reading my meters
and was given a demonstration of the handheld reading device.

He explained that information gathered fro each meter includes the total
amount of water, the maximum flow and the amount of reverse flow (this
very serious and can result in to very heavy penalties).

The meters are 10.5 metres from the road.

John Bryan