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Default Rosate 360 TF - will it still work

Martin Brown wrote:

Is that "glyphosate" the active ingredient or glyphosate the brand?
The two are sadly no longer the same

I always thought glyphosate was the chemical name and RoundUp the
original brand name containing it? Mine is Gallup Hi-Activ 490g/l

Though I'm aware they now sell "vegan friendly" RoundUp possibly with
salt and/or vinegar as the active ingredients?

So I can see how you get non-glyphosate RoundUp, but how can you have
non-glyphosate glyphosate?

Proper glyphosate kills green plants by screwing up a key part of their
photosynthetic pathway and they turn a characteristic orangy yellow
after 1 to 2 weeks from application. Stone dead at three weeks. I don't
normally expect to see proper glyphosate at standard dilution take
effect within the first week.

I was quite surprised how quickly it acted, especially when I was
thinking it might have reduced effect due to age, though it was very
sunny after applying so take-up would be good, it varies per weed type,
the dandelions and docks are all shrivelled and going crispy, some of
the grasses, chickweed and the nettles are merely a bit yellow.