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Default Elbow Grease - weird rash

"Andrew" wrote in message
On 26/04/2021 11:40, Nick Odell wrote:
On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 10:23:32 +0100, Harry Bloomfield, Esq.

On Thursday in the interests of experimentation, I picked up a 2L
bottle of Fairy and have used that in the days since then (SWMBO is
away). The rash now seems to have almost gone.

I've not tried Elbow Grease but having tried lots of other major
brands and supermarket own-brands I've always come back to Fairy for
better bang for the buck. It keeps my hands soft and gentle too!


When it is really hot, if I am doing any heavy duty DIY or
gardening the only way I can degrease my face is to use
Fairy Liquid. very effective.

Thats because you are a greasy wog. Well known problem.

There was a documentary filmed in a coal mine somewhere
north of Watford and the miners all used fairy liquid as
hair shampoo.