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Default Replace Bosch Oven Light - GGrrrr

On 26/04/2021 10:28, Harry Bloomfield wrote:
thescullster expressed precisely :
Does anyone have any words of wisdom on methods to get the glass cover
to unscrew please?
And yes, according to the instruction manual I am turning the thing
the right way (although I have tried "tightening" it in an attempt to
free it off).

Ours are oblong, either side, slide in to latch and yes they too jam. I
get a heavy block of wood and tap them with that, which always frees
them - though next time I intend smearing some high melting point grease
on the mating surfaces, to see if that helps.

Hmmm yes - haven't tried the hammer approach yet.
Surprised no-ones suggested an angle grinder.