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Default Bathroom zones question

On 20/04/2021 18:55, Lobster wrote:
I recently had an EICR (electrical report) carried out on a property I rent out (as landlords have been legally obliged to do as of 1 April). I got a C2 fail on the basis of "BATHROOM LIGHT IN ZONE 2 IS NOT IP44".

The only lights in the bathroom are 3 downlighters in the ceiling. I'm not sure what the ceiling height is yet, but my understanding is that if it's more than 2.25 metres, then it's outside the zones and I don't need any particular IP rating - is that correct?

(There's actually a second failure point stating "AT RING MAIN CIRCUIT IT USED 40AMP MCB IS TO HIGH , AND HAS TOBE 32 AMP"... that one's really bizarre, as not only am I convinced - from memory - that a 32A MCB is fitted, because I installed the bloody CU myself 10 years ago, but I also have a Periodic Inspection Report from back then which states that it's 32A. So I'm looking forward to finding out for sure - but first I'd like clarity on the zoning issue...)


Electricians came round to quote on something and then it started -
illegal rcd, lights not waterproof in toilet etc etc etc.,

They were all total lies.

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