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Default Went the day well?

On 18/04/2021 16:08, Harry Bloomfield wrote:
The Natural Philosopher formulated the question :
Some of the roads where I lived as a child were tarred and then rolled
with gravel. Hurts when falling off bike.

all the roads here are done like that

They were often given a quick resurface around here like that, back in
the 60's.

Was done here about 10 years ago ... with no repairs to the problems
that the road already had first!

They also told everyone, by flyer, that the road would be closed for a
full four day period, as they would be working on it - phoning up and
explaining that my wife was disabled, we had three young children and I
have badly arthritic knees, so getting our week's shopping and the
children from the next street to our house would be a problem, revealed
that they only needed the road clear for a single morning!