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In message , NY writes
(*) Except in those days it was called the A43 - the road from
Kidlington to Bicester, anyway. At that time, what is now the A44
(Oxford-Banbury) was called the A34. Confused?

No :-) Road numbers have changed a lot over the years, have a look at
the original (1920s) route of the A42 and the A66 as but two examples.

However, looking at my early 1970s AA road atlas, the Oxford - Banbury
road was the A423, the A34 was the Oxford - Stratford (almost via
Chipping Norton), and the A44 was started where it left the A34 (near
Chipping Norton), and headed in a generally westward direction.

According to Open Street Map, the A44 now runs from Oxford over the
route of the former A34, and from Chipping Norton, the old A34 is now
the A3400. Oxford - Banbury is now the A4260.

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