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Some of the roads where I lived as a child were tarred and then rolled
with gravel. Hurts when falling off bike.

all the roads here are done like that

Nowadays in the UK there are two types of road surface:

- tarmac - tar/stones pre-mixed, laid on the surface like icing and then
rolled flat

- surface dressing (what Jon describes) - tar sprayed on road, stones
tipped on top, cars left to roll them into the tar

Surface dressing would be fine if they would only use a road roller to
roll the stones into the tar, with any loose stones after that being
"hoovered up". But instead they think it is acceptable to impose very
lower speed limits (eg 20 mph on a 60 mph road) for several weeks
afterwards while cars roll some of the stones in, with the remainder being
a skid hazard (hence the draconian speed limit) until they get thrown onto
the verge.

We dont have any change in speed limit when doing it without
a road roller and that works fine. And the excess doesnt end up
on the verge it ends up in the gutter and is collected from there.

Also, the road tends to develop bald patches where all the tyres run, so
they process has to be repeated every few years.

We dont get that here, not sure why.