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"Harry Bloomfield"; "Esq." wrote in message
After serious thinking Owain Lastname wrote :
Also some motorways and main roads that were concrete with expansion

The new extension of the M1 north passing a mile from here, was originally
done in concrete slab around 10/15 years ago. They were inundated locals,
complaining about the noise from the concrete rumble. They were forced to
tarmac it to reduce the noise.

Concrete slab roads were not just noisy for residents. There were also noisy
for drivers. I can remember driving on the A34 (*) near Oxford and for mile
after mile there was a continuous thump-thump-thump.

(*) Except in those days it was called the A43 - the road from Kidlington to
Bicester, anyway. At that time, what is now the A44 (Oxford-Banbury) was
called the A34. Confused?