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Default Old School Drywaller

Dave in SoTex writes:
On 4/15/2021 11:05 AM, Leon wrote:

On 4/15/2021 7:15 AM, Dave in SoTex wrote:

Years ago my local Sam's Club allowed me to collect dozens of
cardboard dividers used to separate certain products stacked on
pallets. Taped together they protected the clients flooring during
tearout, drywall replacement, painting, and general foot traffic.

Dave in SoTex

For some reason I don't see those cardboard boxes anymore.

Just to be clear, the cardboard pieces were individual,flat,
pallet sized sheets. Picture a pallet with three or four levels of paper
towels or toilet or somesuch with a cardboard sheet between each level.

We used to staple those cardboard squares (heavy tagboard, really) to the inner walls
of railroad boxcars to protect the bags of cornstarch we were loading.