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Default Building a Homemade Fuel-Injection System on a Briggs and Stratton 5 HP Engine

replying to Ecnerwal, Jiix wrote:
There are companies around that specialise in small engine efi systems, but on
a lawnmower.... you would need it to be either electric start or have a
charging system for 12 volts to run the unit do 2
versions 50-300 cc and 400 to 800 cc if you wanted to have a kit..they are not
exactly cheap, but do the same thing but cheaper.
To run the ecu you would need to convert the rotary spark generator to become
the crank position sensor, install a separate ignition system to make the
spark instead, fit a fuel pump and replace the carb for a throttle body
(replaces the carb and has the fuel injector installed in it) would have
to do the tuning yourself to get the spark in the right time and then build a
fuel map to deliver the right amount of fuel at the right revs and engine
load.. I to am looking into this and thinking a single cylinder motorbike efi
might be easier to convert and cheaper too

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