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Phil Allison wrote:

You ain't ****ting. What I don't see is how they can go to all the trouble making counterfeits that actually work
but are like underrated for the job.

** That is very rarely what happens - mostly it is only re-inking.

There are no *manufacturers* making counterfeit transistors.
The game is to buy up something cheap and * relabel * it as something more expensive.
It only needs to look about right - same package.

No need to even get the polarity right or the general class of device.
NPN or PNP, switching or linear, low or high voltage or current - all look the same in the same pak.

Then there are factory rejects and damaged or old stock you can play merry hell with.
Turn a 5 cent part into a $5 one in few seconds with a simple printing process.

I even got some 400V pigtail electros once that were in fact used, removed from old CFLs, repacked and relabeled.

...... Phil

There's definitely places making fake STK modules as well as audio ICs for
arcade machines. You can bing for some amusing photos.