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Default air from cylinder on reassembly

On Monday, January 11, 2021 at 6:01:08 PM UTC-5, Richard Smith wrote:
"Jim Wilkins" writes:

"Jim Wilkins" wrote in message ...

... The problem [of liquids vs gravity] is worse in a fighter where
"down" can be in any direction.


One of my main heroes.
Her story is how you learn technical things.
Book "Negative Gravity".
She spawned through her war work a generation of engineers who came of
age in the 1960's.
Apparently she was a demanding taskmaster. It was said that if things
didn't work out, you'd better have a good account of yourself - but if
you could, that was just experience for moving onwards (or something
like that).

I like the strength of personality and identity in taking on the then
ultimate machine (the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine), unfazed, and being
its master.

And Frank Whittle was credited for inventing the turbo jet (1930-37). Small military aircraft constantly get engine design changes. I like at the end of an episode of Hogan's Heroes - 'Easy come, easy go' (1971), they stole a P-51 as a decoy and it crashed and they later joked that it had been refitted with a Messerschmitt engine.