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Default Reviewing a cheap CRT degaussing wand

On 1/13/2021 9:11 AM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
In article ,
For a one-off use, I would likely stick to the soldering gun - does the trick, even if used "off-label". I bring my 100/300 watt Craftsman gun to Kutztown for the occasional chassis connection, and it is as often as not borrowed by the TV guys for cleaning up the old TV pictures, but seldom for soldering.

But if I had to do this every day, or even every week, I would likely invest in a purpose-built device from a reliable maker and reliable source. As I am fond of writing: The Internet is your friend!

I thought most crt screens had a coil around then that helped degauss
them every time they are turned on. Unless someone puts a magnet near
the screen I doubt that many would need degausing.

With almost everything switching to the flat screens there is probably
very little need for a dedicated degausing coil unless your shop
specilizes in restoring old electronics. Hard for me to see any shop or
one doing much work would not have a soldering gun that could be used.
Maybe many do not know the soldering gun could be used.

*30+ years ago, I put two automotive speakers with big magnets near my
TV. It caused a problem on both sides of the screen.

Turning it on and off, hoping the internal degausser would fix didn't.
Even waiting for the PTC to cool.

I used my soldering gun and that fixed it.

I found this at $48, =3p.ds
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