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Default Reviewing a cheap CRT degaussing wand

I thought most crt screens had a coil around then that helped degauss
them every time they are turned on. Unless someone puts a magnet near
the screen I doubt that many would need degausing.

They do. And, whereas I am not in the vintage CRT hobby, there are any number of applications and any number of reasons why the on-board degausser may not be there, adequate, or even functional. There was (RIP) an individual not far away whose hobby was restoring video arcade games - commercial grade - with the big Curtis-Mathis CRTs in them. And he had half-a-dozen (at least) degaussers of various types and natures that he used regularly. But, apparently, failure of the on-board degausser was common enough that he was prepared.

I keep some small, but very powerful magnets with me most of the time - is that painted pipe steel, copper, or possibly something else? Or that light can? What grade stainless *might* that be? And they will stick to most flat-screens - but not cause any distortion. But get one within 10" or so of the big Sony 32" CRT TV (c. 2001) at home and watch the show. Of course, the on-board coil works on that one, still.

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