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Default Reviewing a cheap CRT degaussing wand

On 13/01/2021 1:08 pm, Phil Allison wrote:
Trevor Wilson wrote:

**I have always been an audio tech. I have always avoided TV work where
possible. However, back in the day, I would frequently perform a CRT
degauss, using my Han-D-Mag head demagnetiser. I found that it could
deal with any degaussing requirement.

Geez, they're expensive nowadays. I still have mine.

** I once acquired a demagnetiser that, far as I could tell, was incapable of demagnetising anything.
Had no effect on tape heads or the tiniest screwdrivers. It was the Teac E1 as listed in your link.

So acting on a hunch, I made a coil of enamel wire ( about 15 turns) just big enough to slip over the head concerned and energised it from a small 6.3V tranny. The coil would get quite hot in about 30 seconds.

While energised, I popped it over the head and slowly removed it far away.

Totally worked on even the most magnetised heads.

Necessity is .......

**My Han-D-Mag demagnetises everything. Heads, TV screens, screwdrivers,
etc. As for necessity, I had a Naka in the other day and my part time
employee told me that the Han-D-Mag was too big to reach the heads. I
dug out this crappy little demag I bought years ago. Didn't work.
Stripped it down, re-wound the coil with thicker wire and ran it off
12VAC. Works a treat.

BTW: I have this neat and VERY sensitive magnetometer used to test for
residual magnetism.

Trevor Wilson

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