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Default Reviewing a cheap CRT degaussing wand

On 2021/01/12 4:56 p.m., Rayner Lucas wrote:
In article t,

In article ,

I use a large Weller Soldering Gun when I can't find one of the
degaussing coils in the shop...

I also used the Weller or what ever Gun I had handy on the old CRTs.

Just about any coil of wire will work that does not draw too much

Oh, that's a neat idea, I never thought to try a heating coil. I did
consider making my own, but with no idea what spec to aim for, buying
one seemed like it had a better chance of success :-)


You need something that puts out a large AC field - like the unshielded
transformer used in soldering guns.

An electric heating coil has a very small magnetic field, I'd say it was
most unlikely to be useful for degaussing...

John :-#)#

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