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Default Sharpen v Replace was Milling wood saw blade steel

"Steve W." on Sat, 09 Jan 2021 12:47:52 -0500
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OTOH, for some things, learning to sharpen them is a skill to
master. E.G. chisels and plane blades.

For some years now I've been sharpening my mower blade at the start of
the season as it cuts the long grass so much better. I find it only take
a few minutes with my small air belt sander with the mower tipped on its
side and the plug lead removed for safety.

I keep 4 sets in rotation for my mowers. In the spring they all get
sharpened as needed then I swap out the dull or damaged blades, then
touch them up and put them back on the rack. There used to be hard faced
blades available for the two larger decks but they really were not worth
the money as the edges tended to chip and crack rather than just
mushroom if you hit anything.

And there is another option: sharpen them all on your schedule,
then replace as needed.

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