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Default What is it with Molex?

On 2021/01/05 9:39 a.m., legg wrote:
On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 21:43:00 -0800, John Robertson

On 2021/01/04 7:48 a.m., legg wrote:
On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 10:25:22 -0800, John Robertson

I'm seeing a number of EOLs on (for us) rather standard pins and plugs!

Digikey just sent me this:

Manufacturer MOLEX, LLC
Description CONN 22-30AWG CRIMP TIN
Manufacturer Part Number 0008500114
Digi-Key Part Number WM1114-ND
Customer Reference Number STOCK
Status End Of Life
Last Time Buy Date 06/21/2021

You'd think a 50 year old design would just keep going and going...we
use a lot of these in repairing arcade games!

John :-#(#

Molex has part numbers comming out of their ears.

Chack for similar parts with different mfring locations,
finish, base metal, insulation diameter range or type
of physical delivery (eg chain-feed).

digikey hasn't been particularly savvy when it comes to
old part number discontinue notices, recently. Could even
be a mfrs new catalog typo. Have seen same thing with
Amphenol - complete bull**** if you're just looking
for something that has form, fit and function.


The only version that is stretching past the EOL is the chain version of
the pin, and as I don't have an industrial cutter that is of little use
to me. There are clones made, but they are much poorer quality...

I ended up ordering 2500 pins from Mouser who had a better price and
also showed EOL ordering. That should last me a few years.

John :-#(#

At that volume, you could probably have ordered a chain reel.

I don't see an issue, as these parts are easily 'singulated'
with cutters. Better resale value and lower shrinkage, if
left on reel, in box etc.

I actually find chains easier to handle, count, kit and even
install manually, one at a time. Cut out a short chain with
right number of terminals, then cut each one as you apply it.


The chains (perhaps I have the wrong name) are connected at the edge of
each pin, not the pins hanging off the edge. So you have to use side
cutters to try and evenly cut each pin's side edge so it still works.
Try that for 2500 pins!

John :-#)#

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