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Default What is it with Molex?

In article , says...

Digikey just sent me this:

Manufacturer*** MOLEX, LLC
Description*** CONN 22-30AWG CRIMP TIN
Manufacturer Part Number*** 0008500114
Digi-Key Part Number*** WM1114-ND
Customer Reference Number*** STOCK
Status*** End Of Life
Last Time Buy Date*** 06/21/2021

You'd think a 50 year old design would just keep going and going...we
use a lot of these in repairing arcade games!

John :-#(#

3D printing to the rescue. It's perfect for limited runs.

What gets me is the price of the extraction tool. They want $ 42 for a
piece of steel that probably cost less than a dime and maybe after
tooling and design work a few bucks. I would think that $ 5 would be
more than a fair price for those.