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Default lox vs. star head screw

On 10/18/2020 5:41 PM, Leon wrote:

FWIW GM started using the Torx screws/bolts in the mid 70's.* I'm sure
they were around before that.* LOL.
It finally got to the WW industry.
Too, Ford was looking for a better screw than the straight head design
waaaaaay back when.
Philips won out over Robertson.

About 15 years ago I had to replace the power window regulator in my
wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee. I first researched the issue on YouTube.
To remove the door panel, a bunch of standard Phillips screws. The Arm
rest had two screws, one visible Phillips, and one Torx 25 buried 2 1/2"
in a small hole in the arm rest. Anyone would have figured that screw
would be a Phillips, like all the rest. Fortunately, the guy on Youtube
warned that screw was not a Phillips but a torx 25. I swear they did it
so only the dealer would know, and guys like me would be fumbling around.

Anyway, Jeep wanted $400 to replace the actuator. I got it on Amazon for
$100 and it took about 30 minutes the first time, 15 minutes when the
other side broke. BTW, both times it was a 15 cent plastic part that
broke, but you had to buy the whole goddammed actuator, motor and all.

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