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Default lox vs. star head screw

On 10/17/2020 3:56 AM, v wrote:
which is better? which is less stripping? which gets more torq.?

IMNSHO, Philips are the best looking, and the best in a cabinet shop.
The reason I say best in a cabinet shop is because everyone has an array
of Philips head screwdrivers handy, all multi-knives have a Philips head
screw driver, and when a screw needs tightened or removed in the real
world, about everyone has a Philips screw driver handy, about no one has
a lox, Robertson or even torx driver handy. In addition, a quality
Philips screwdriver like that in my Swiss Army knife, will fit an
amazing variety of size screws, from large to tiny.

Having said all that, my favorite screw is a torx. They look almost as
good as a Philips, but don't slip, and with quality screws and bits will
stick in the driver to an extent, which I like. Main, or only downsides
are you need the exact correct size driver that no one has handily
available out side the shop to tighten or remove at a later date.

For me then, Lox never use, Torx, love but prefer Philips on cabinet
work and places where occasional OUT OF SHOP tightening or removal might
be needed. Torx I prefer mainly outside in building decks, sheds
etc,anywhere the qualities mentioned of Philips is not important.

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