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Default cell (mobile) phone detector

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 9:04:58 PM UTC-4, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
On Tue, 11 Aug 2020 13:47:08 -0700 (PDT), Michael Terrell wrote:

What kind of chocolate bar doesn't melt from body heat? Back
then, they were wrapped in thin aluminum foil which would
reflect most of the Microwave RF, as well.

Good point.

It appears that it was actually a peanut cluster bar, not chocolate:
"He loved nature (due to his childhood in Maine)...
especially his little friends the squirrels and
the chipmunks," the younger Spencer says of his
grandfather, "so he would always carry a peanut
cluster bar in his pocket to break up and feed
them during lunch." This is an important distinction,
and not just for the sake of accurate storytelling.
Chocolate melts at a much lower temperature (about
80 degrees Fahrenheit) which means melting a peanut
cluster bar with microwaves was much more remarkable.

Sorry for the recycled misinformation.

No problem. I've worked around high power RF (5MW EIRP UHF)and RADAR (2MW pulsed). The story just didn't sound right. Also, you would think that he would have felt the heat from his body adsorbing that much RF.

I might joke with you, nut I wouldn't try to insult you. Life is too short to waste on spreading anger. Like your 1200 sq foot house. My garage is 30' by 40'. Unfortunately, I recently lost the neutral to my electrical service, and I suffered a lot of damage. A huge pile of MOVs died, trying to maintain the side that went high. I discovered that the Dell Optiplex 780 computer that was on, will run at 67VAC. I only have a few working lights, and one good outlet, until the repairs are completed. It went out on June 10th, and was out for a few days under two months. I had to switch to Hughesnet, to get back on line. Sepectrum refused to restore my service. The open neutral fried the shield on the cable drop, since it was bonded on both ends.. I wouldn't let them into the house with no lights, and a lot of boxes in the way of where they wanted to go. The previous owner used particle board instead of plywood for the floor in that room, and hid it with cheap carpet.. Spectrum's answer? "We don't do emergency repairs!"

I still have no phone service. I can't get power to the Magic Jack. I have to go outside to get cell service, and sometimes a mile away. It was a killer to lose 40 active outlets at my computer desk.