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Default Hozelock reel

replying to Steve brown, PandzaMan wrote:
You are a god and a genius. Worked for me and saved me no end of pain. So just
to elaborate on what Steve said. Mine has nine cross head screws (2007 model)
on the outer casing and yes one requires quite a long cross head screwdriver!
Undid these and then got the jubilee clip but was struggling as the clip keep
popping off before the desired tightness was achieved to push the winding arm
out. So I placed a small block of wood into the jubilee clip as I was
tightening, making sure to push down on the jubilee clip. Once Id got the
clip as tight as it would go I had a very wide long flat head screwdriver and
wedged it between the handle base and the reel frame and wiggled twisted the
flat head to prise off the handle. After a few twists voila the handle popped
off with zero damage to the clips... Im still in awe of the jubilee clip
idea ... absolute genius.

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