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Default Steel pipe for flag pole

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020 06:00:51 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

On Friday, July 31, 2020 at 5:43:26 AM UTC-5, Gunner Asch wrote:
I took (2) pieces of 4" pipe..about 5' long and burned a matching 3/4"
holes through them, 2" from the top and another one 14" below it. I
then used a post hole digger and went down 30 or so inches and
concreted in the (2) pipes 30" deep and 3" apart. with a bit of 2x4
between them and let cure. When it was cured..I simply took a piece of
3/4" all thread through the top holes..and a matching hole in flag
pole base and 2 of us lifted the 3" pipe vertical..and when
up..slipped another piece of 3/4" all thread through the bottom
holes..added nuts and lock washers and voila.. flag pole that is
tough, yet easy to service. I added a pulley at the top of the pole
(along with a welded on cap)..a weather vane I found at a yard sale
and 3/16" sailboat rope with snap fittings and welded on a home made
cleat to tie it down to near the bottom.


I really like your idea with the two pipes in the ground so you can pivot the main pole down. Mine is a piece of concreted in PVC in the ground and I lift the pole and drop it down in that PVC. It works fine for the weight of the aluminum pole, but is a bit of a challenge with the two pipes.

Just to be clear, my main pole is 2" aluminum and does fine until winds are up around 45-50 with a flag, then it's bending pretty good and will buckle. The 1-1/4" sch40 is now inside the aluminum just to add strength. (1-1/4" sch40 is the ID, so the OD is about 1-3/4 and fits pretty snug inside the 2" aluminum sections) I previously had 1" sch40, with a joint mid way up, so this is 1/4" larger, and now a single piece with no joints. So in theory, it definitely increased strength from what I had but I'm sure it's still not the greatest.

In the meantime, I will be looking for some pipe like you used. If this doesn't hold up, i'll have a piece ready to use to make it stronger. I definitely do like your ideal though.

If you ever look at true aluminum flag at schools and
other will find that most of them are not actually
round..but have stiffeners on the outside (flats and cast stiffeners
or weldments) ...or are round with stiffeners cast inside them. Its
nearly impossible for us to cast a 20' flag pole (Grin)...but as
noted..there are ways we can do it the old fashioned way and not have
one come un****ed in high winds.

Im I dont want to have to rebuild something every couple I build it to last the first time (sigh..definately the
second time).

Best of luck and let us know how it works for you.



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