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Default Steel pipe for flag pole

On Friday, July 31, 2020 at 5:43:26 AM UTC-5, Gunner Asch wrote:
I took (2) pieces of 4" pipe..about 5' long and burned a matching 3/4"
holes through them, 2" from the top and another one 14" below it. I
then used a post hole digger and went down 30 or so inches and
concreted in the (2) pipes 30" deep and 3" apart. with a bit of 2x4
between them and let cure. When it was cured..I simply took a piece of
3/4" all thread through the top holes..and a matching hole in flag
pole base and 2 of us lifted the 3" pipe vertical..and when
up..slipped another piece of 3/4" all thread through the bottom
holes..added nuts and lock washers and voila.. flag pole that is
tough, yet easy to service. I added a pulley at the top of the pole
(along with a welded on cap)..a weather vane I found at a yard sale
and 3/16" sailboat rope with snap fittings and welded on a home made
cleat to tie it down to near the bottom.


I really like your idea with the two pipes in the ground so you can pivot the main pole down. Mine is a piece of concreted in PVC in the ground and I lift the pole and drop it down in that PVC. It works fine for the weight of the aluminum pole, but is a bit of a challenge with the two pipes.

Just to be clear, my main pole is 2" aluminum and does fine until winds are up around 45-50 with a flag, then it's bending pretty good and will buckle.. The 1-1/4" sch40 is now inside the aluminum just to add strength. (1-1/4" sch40 is the ID, so the OD is about 1-3/4 and fits pretty snug inside the 2" aluminum sections) I previously had 1" sch40, with a joint mid way up, so this is 1/4" larger, and now a single piece with no joints. So in theory, it definitely increased strength from what I had but I'm sure it's still not the greatest.

In the meantime, I will be looking for some pipe like you used. If this doesn't hold up, i'll have a piece ready to use to make it stronger. I definitely do like your ideal though.