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Default Steel pipe for flag pole

On Thu, 30 Jul 2020 11:46:40 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 12:59:52 PM UTC-5, Gunner Asch wrote:

Check with some of the local pipe shops and scrap yards. My flag pole
is a 20' piece of 3" steel pipe that came out of the local oil fields.

Its been up for nearly 30 yrs in 70+ mph winds and doesnt even flinch.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. If this sch40 1-1/4 doesn't hold up, i'll likely do something like that with the larger pipe.

I took (2) pieces of 4" pipe..about 5' long and burned a matching 3/4"
holes through them, 2" from the top and another one 14" below it. I
then used a post hole digger and went down 30 or so inches and
concreted in the (2) pipes 30" deep and 3" apart. with a bit of 2x4
between them and let cure. When it was cured..I simply took a piece of
3/4" all thread through the top holes..and a matching hole in flag
pole base and 2 of us lifted the 3" pipe vertical..and when
up..slipped another piece of 3/4" all thread through the bottom
holes..added nuts and lock washers and voila.. flag pole that is
tough, yet easy to service. I added a pulley at the top of the pole
(along with a welded on cap)..a weather vane I found at a yard sale
and 3/16" sailboat rope with snap fittings and welded on a home made
cleat to tie it down to near the bottom.

So I can fly my typical 3x5 US flag..a Gadsden Flag and for many
years..a POW/MIA flag below them.
Ive replaced the hoisting rope 2x, the flags many times in 30 yrs.
Total cost was about $15 for materials and rope and another $15 for a
couple quarts of Rustoleum Silver paint, to keep the pole from
rusting. Oh..and a bag and a half of quick crete when I concreted the
two base pipes into the ground...Call it $60 total, based on todays
prices. I got the pipe for free.

Took maybe 3 hours to cut the pipes with a torch, cut the holes...dig
the hole..concrete in the two 5' pipes, weld on the pulley and cleat
and stand it up. Not counted is the cokes, beer and bbq that we had on
a nice Sunday. A fun project with wives and friends.

Sched 40... 1 1/4" pipe..isnt strong enough to keep from bending in
high winds if 20' long. 15' might be..maybe. have sails
up when the flags are flying..and in a wind..that applys a LOT of
force over time. as you chose.


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