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Default Reliablest cars

In article , [email protected] says...

About any vehicle above a minimum standard will last, effectively forever
with proper maintenance and appropriate driving techniques.

Well, we had several "US label" cars that needed a lot of work, both under
warranty and after warranty expiration. Stuff like engine block water
leaks, AC constantly leaking refrigerant, $3000 transmission overhauls, and
on and on, even before reaching 100K miles.

Some vehicles have known major problems. Like my son had a Nissan
Rouge. The transmission went out at around 135,000 miles and cost him
$ 4000 to replace. Turns out that transmission was known to go bad in
many of them and the company had extended the warrenty to 120,000 miles.
That did not help my son.

I have only bought Toyotas for the last 30 years. Other than normal
wear items like brakes and tires and batteries and scheduled maintence
my 1991 needed a $ 500 sensor at 130,000 miles. Sold it off at slightly
over 190,000 miles with no other problems.

I would never buy anything but a Toyota or Honda unless I needed a full
size truck or some other thing they did not make.
I have had reports that KIA is also good,but not sure.