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Default Reliablest cars


How high is "UP"?

About any vehicle above a minimum standard will last, effectively forever
with proper maintenance and appropriate driving techniques.

Well, we had several "US label" cars that needed a lot of work, both under
warranty and after warranty expiration. Stuff like engine block water
leaks, AC constantly leaking refrigerant, $3000 transmission overhauls, and
on and on, even before reaching 100K miles.

Our Toyota and Honda vehicles have run well over 100K with almost no repairs
other than tires, brakes, batteries, windshield wipers and such.

Our 2000 Toyota van with 250K miles has had a new starter and recently a new
radiator, but I think that was due to a deer collision.

My 1989 Toyota Corolla wagon ran 160K miles with only a starter at 136K, but
was finally retired after 2 collisions.

My current driver is a Honda Civic hybrid with 160K miles, still running
like new. ZERO maintenance outside the scheduled stuff, except when the
damn mice chewed the wires under the hood. That's 11+ years old.