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Default Any reason not to wire gen panel this way?

I have a Generac transfer switch sub panel that was made to be used
with a an automatic controller. I do not have nor do I want the
Inside the box is the transfer switch that can be actuated manually
or electrically. The switch has two solenoids and two snap action
switches. The solenoids are rated for 240 volts. The switches for 600
I want to use a momentary contact rotary switch to actuate the
solenoids. I am not sure how the snap action switches are wired yet
but I think theyare already wired the way I want them to be. I want
the snap action switches to remove power from the solenoid that is
being powered to cause the transfer switch to move. That way once the
solenoid has done its job it will no longer be powered no matter how
long the rotary switch is held in the on position for that particular
I don't see a problem with this. Is my scheme OK?

That depends on the timing of the switches to the positions of the
transfer switch. My guess here is they will transition when the transfer
switch is FULLY on in either generator or utility position. This would
jive with your you're trying to do. Indicating something like "in the
middle of switching" would be pretty useless, and something the controller
could detect itself.