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Default Why are stairlifts so slow?

On Sat, 13 Jun 2020 13:46:11 +0100, Gary wrote:

Ed Pawlowski wrote:

Exactly. Anyone consistently going into greater debt has no clue how to
live within their means. I know a couple of people with rather modest
incomes but not only get by, but have a cushion in the bank.

That's me. I learned long ago to live within my means. No debt
here. I get teased for being cheap occasionally. It's not
being cheap, it's survival and knowing what you can afford.
No worries here and no envy of people that have more toys
than I do.

I seem to do both. I always find the cheapest thing to buy, or consider doing the job myself, but I still like something expensive now and then, like a holiday. The banks will not be getting my money back :-)