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Default " Flexible" wire for use in headphones with earcups that swivel?

On 18/05/20 09:55, Mike S wrote:
I have a pair of Even H3 headphones, the wire that carries power from
one earcup circuit board (where the battery and USB connector live) to
the other earcup (where the control and sound circuitry live) shorts to
ground somewhere in the headband. I can't find parts for this thing so I
am going to run my own wire to replace the faulty one. What kind of wire
is recommended for this kind of use, where the earcups swivel, tilt,
rotate, etc.? I have solid core multi-strand wire I can peel from a
ribbon cable, but I'm concerned that the metal will fatigue and break at
the bend points.

Any chance of using the flexible wire from other headphones - even
really cheap ones from dollar/euro/pound shops? IME it can be difficult
to solder these wires, as trying to strip off the insulation can often
break then thin conductor wires, but it will cost very little to give it
a try.