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Default router command line reboot

On Thu, 14 May 2020 22:41:45 +0200, jeff wrote:

my wifi router locks up a lot
physically removing power for a few seconds works every time
when it locks up I can't log into it with a browser over wifi
after a physical reboot I can log into it with a browser over wifi
just wondering if there is a way to reboot a router from the command line

Could you provide the manufacturer, model number, and firmware
version? Not all wireless routers are made the same.

I've seen lockup problems from:
1. Bad firmware.
2. Overheating.
3. Bulding and leaking electrolytic capacitors.
4. Defective power supplies:
5. DoS (denial of service) attacks from the LAN side.

CLI (command line interface) instructions vary from router to router.
For example, the command on a Sonicwall is simply "restart". On
Ubiquiti, it's "reboot now". For some Cisco, it's "reload". As I
mentioned, it would help if you provided the maker and model number of
your wireless router.

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