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Default Multi-Section Capacitor "Empties"

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 8:35:59 AM UTC-4, Tim Schwartz wrote:
Hi there,

I recently came across these:

on e-Bay and ordered a few that have not arrived yet. In my case I've
got a 4 section cap: 330-100-100-100 all at 75 volts, Oh, and the case
is POSITIVE as it is for the bias supply in the amp.

Both my customer and I are OK with the look of it, and soon I'll see if
it works. I like that they have the option of grounding to the chassis
or not.

Best regards,
Tim Schwartz
Bristol Electronics

Those are handy, but don't provide the "look" of the original can.

I restuff all the can electros I run across - not for originality as much as for maintaining the original layout. Some folks leave the cans in place, disconnect the wiring, and add terminals to the bottom. This takes up a lot of room.

I restored a 1951 Andrea TV a few months ago and restuffed all the cans. I believe there were 7, maybe 8. Adding terminal strips and two to four more caps to replace each can would have been a nightmare to the guy in 50 years who wants to repair or restore this TV again. Since this model was covered by Sams, the bottom of the Andrea still looks like the photofact pics.

If I had to, I'd use the wafer you linked and try to use a plastic or cardboard tube over the caps just to make them look at least a little vintage.