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Default Protect Metal Surfaces

OtterGuy writes:
My woodworking tools get rust.
My tables gets rust.

What is the best protective stuff to apply to the table saw, bandsaw
table etc.

First, you must determine _why_ they get "rust".

If the environment they're stored in is quite humid, get a dehumidifier;
surface coatings will likely be insufficient.

If someone is setting beer mugs on the table saw, and the condensate
is being left behind, don't let them into your shop.

If the shop is subject to wide temperature swings and humidity, get some rigid dense
foam, cut/glue it to make a cover for the saw (so long as it completely
covers the top and is 100% in contact with the top, moisture in the
air can't condense on the cold metal surface)

Otherwise, a thin coat of paste wax is the most efficacious method.

Or you can spend money on various commercial surface coatings, topcoat
and dry coat come to mind.