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On 1/02/2020 7:25 am, malua mada! wrote:

Too often when I reach for the can of WD-40 I find it has lost pressure. Or the smart straw thing fell apart.
Buying the tiny cans is expensive. Filling the liquid into a utility spray bottle works until the pump quits or leaks which happens all too soon.

What do you all use?

**For what purpose? The WD-40 company manufacture a large range of
products for different applications. I use a couple of them for
different things:

If you're referring to the original WD-40, well, I rarely use it. It has
it's uses, but they are quite limited. I prefer to use specialist
products for specific applications. I haven't counted, but I reckon I
have at least 15 can of different spray products for different applications.

Trevor Wilson