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Default Progress Report - Phase Converter, Plus

On 9/11/2019 6:04 AM, Sonny wrote:
On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 9:32:18 PM UTC-5, dpb wrote:

The converter motor runs really quiet, I was surprised. ...

Kept _tryin'_ ta' tell ya'...

None of that hurts anything, but seems way overboard to me...what's
going to happen to a TEFC motor w/ a little airborne dust around?

Yeah. in person, the scene looks secure, despite the over kill. I had a sense of extra security. Looking at the pics I got a different perspective. The excessive filtering may restrict air flow for that type of motor, though the restriction may not be much or matter much.

I think I'll remove the two side filters and replace with window screen. If, in use, there appears to be excess dust settling on the motor, then I'll reinstall the filters.... or any that warrant installing.

The electrician had advised adding filters, as per an installation he did for a marble/stone cutting company. That company's motor's bearings were affected by stone dust. Maybe it wasn't a TEFC motor.

An air hose blast once in a (great) while should do it.

But, I can see in a stone-cutting facility that's probably a nearly
continuous operation being markedly different than the woodshop. Plus,
the stone dust itself would likely tend to be finer and is more abrasive.

My next task is to move the jointer into position, closer to the converter, closer to that wall. The jointer is still partially disassembled.... blades and infeed table are presently removed.

Now we get to the interesting part -- I was going to ask about how it
worked when you got power. I mistook the comment regarding noise from
it as was up 'n running...


I pulled knives out of the little Model 13 planer last night -- after
the exercise of running all the reclaimed soffit and fascia from the
house through while doing the 10" baseboard from the dining room and
some other pieces Dad had taken down during the remodel to put back into
the dining room when get done with the floor resanding/finishing, it had
gotten where was leaving a high crown...worn the center of knives down
observable nearly 32nd...but managed the whole exercise w/o actually
chipping one!

Need replacement set while send these out to be reground -- they're
getting narrow but think can do "one more time". Having trouble finding
the actual replacements with the veritable plethora of the lunchbox
planers the old iron is pretty much gone. May have to buy solid knives
and have the adjusting notches in the ends ground into them.