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Default Metal fatigue sucks

Terry Coombs on Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:46:32 -0500
typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:
* And repairing it pays well . I've got a bush hog deck in the shop
that has some fatigue issues , the area where the gearbox mounts is (was
...) all busted up , I've cut out both layers and am going to weld new
steel in - there is ~ 3/4 inch overlap so the joins won't be right on
top of each other . I spent most of the morning machining those pieces
of plate for the gear box mount . The deck skirt is all beat up , I get
to use my five-bucks-at-a-yard-sale porta-power unit to straighten it
out . I'll also be repairing (second time) the "stump-jumper" disc that
the blades mount to . I'll be checking with the owner , but plan to also
grind out and re-weld several spots where there are small cracks
starting in some of the weldments . I don't know how old this thing is ,
but I do know it gets used hard and the owner is happy enough with it to
spend a few hundred bucks repairing the damage . And since I'm planning
on spending some money on my truck , I'm more than happy to take his !

Isn't it nice to have friends willing to pay for your repairs?
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