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Default BoJo a million miles out of his depth

On 04/09/2019 17:34, nightjar wrote:
On 04/09/2019 12:58, tim... wrote:

"nightjar" wrote in message

I got the impression that the main objection was that he hadn't taken
the Jewish population into account when setting the date,

how many non-Jews have even heard of this holiday (let alone know when
it is)

Nor had I, but if you are running the country, you, or at least your
civil servants, ought to know about the impact of a decision on all the
major religions practised in it.

I would not assume that civil servants are part of the inner circle
making decisions on such things; nor that the inner circle welcome any
suggestion they might wish to think again. And new Ministers and
advisers who don't know their civil servants may well be in supercharged
"don't bring me problems, bring me solutions" mode, making civil
servants even more inclined to keep their heads down and let their
master DIY a few minor cock-ups

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