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Default BoJo a million miles out of his depth

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On 03/09/2019 20:06, michael adams wrote:
"nightjar" wrote in message
On 03/09/2019 17:12, Stephen Cole wrote:
I was watching the Commons this afternoon and was genuinely
surprised to
see just how badly Boris was performing; shifty, evasive, bumbling,
stumbling, totally lost more often than not. About on a par with
May on her bad days. What's more, he looked terrified at points,
like he's
just realising for the first time that he's not actually remotely
for the job. LOL!

So, the forthcoming General Election campaign is going to be quite the
spectacle as we see the real Boris Johnson exposed and crushed.
It's going
to be great!...

Well, he won't get the devout Jewish vote, unless he moves the date
away from the start of a religious festival that would stop them
from voting.



" People who will not be able to vote on the chosen day
can register to vote by post or via a proxy vote.

Applications to vote by post must be received by 17:00 BST
on 26 September, for those not already registered to vote.

Proxy voting - where another registered voter votes on another's behalf -
must be applied for at least six working days before election day, in
England, Scotland or Wales."


So that's Margaret Hodge sorted, at least.

I got the impression that the main objection was that he hadn't taken
the Jewish population into account when setting the date,

how many non-Jews have even heard of this holiday (let alone know when
it is)

I certainly hadn't.

After a bit of Googling, it appears that it's only the first day of
Sukkot when work is forbidden (it's treated like the normal Jewish
Sabbath) - and this isn't the day proposed for the election. The whole
thing's not even a light breeze in a thimble.