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The "Government" is necessary. It gives us the basic rules of society:

Stopping at Stop Signs - and the Stop Signs in the first place.
That, for the most part, the drugs, foods, and chemicals we purchase on a daily basis will not kill us immediately.
That when we need to call an ambulance, fire truck and so forth, the phones are likely to work, and there will likely be a response.
That we all agree to drive on the same side of the road.

And tens of thousands of other examples that paranoid survivalists (rugged individuals) seem to miss in their narcissistic fantasies.

That we need to look out for ourselves is also a given. But that we must be "everybody for themselves" is simply stupid - almost irredeemably stupid, as under that scenario, there are no commonalities. Under that scenario, there would be no reason for anyone to stop at a Stop Sign, and no consequences arising therefrom.

It is called the "social contract".

We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.

B. Franklin

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA