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Default Rusting of Satellite Dishes

On Thu, 4 Jul 2019 21:08:36 -0700 (PDT), "

Working on this project concerned with rusting of satellites dishes.

Rust never sleeps.

I would like any suggestions on any material that can be used in place of the regular ones that rust.
Thank you

Satellite dishes need to be accurate to about 1/10th wavelength
difference from a perfect parabola in order to work well. That makes
them rather difficult to repair.

I used to help maintain the satellite feed antennas at a local AM/FM
station located in a salt water lake. These rusting steel dishes:
were eventually replaced by these fiberglass equivalents:
Unfortunately, we had to later move one of the steel dishes:
The dish should have fallen apart from all the rust, but 2 years
later, is still functional and in one piece.

The main advantages of fiberglass are somewhat easier to assemble, no
rust, no paint required, less reflected heat, and easier to clean.
However, the support structure and hardware are usually steel, and
will need to be protected from corrosion.

If you want details and particulars, my email address in the signature

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