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Default Step Recovery Diodes - a blast from the past...

On 2019/06/11 4:41 p.m., Jeff Liebermann wrote:
On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 08:15:05 -0700, John Robertson

Just was playing with one of Bob's latest prototype ESR meter designs
yesterday which is a talking ESR meter and working on a sound board with
low volume. Having the meter talk to me (Bob's voice) was handy in that
I didn't have to take my eyes off the job and things went very quickly.
The meter going down to 0.001 ohms is handy too...

Nag Bob if you want to see these in production, he isn't sure there is a
market for a talking ESR meter...

"Prototype "Blue2" talking ESR meter" (1:23)

It might be more useful it also announced if the capacitor was good,
marginal, or bad.

There are some talking multimeters available, mostly for the blind.
I played with one such home built meter that was built around a
Speak-and-Spell toy.
I found the talking feature most useful when I couldn't read the
multimeter LED display in bright sunlight, such as working under the
hood of my car. I don't think there's a need for a talking ESR meter
that works in bright sunlight.

I use an ESR meter for things besides caps, this chatty one that goes
down to 0.001 ohms is handy for finding shorts between traces, and other
jobs, not just testing caps. Maximum is around 90 ohms.

Bob's newest ESR project (He didn't think the talking meter would sell)
is an EasyESR which has three LEDs and three different tones depending
on the result. So there is your point, however the value of the cap is
taken into consideration so the middle LED if on is good if under
1000ufd but questionable if over 1000ufd.

Here is the prototype:

Send him a note if you want it built!

John :-#)#
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