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Default Bulging caps by design?

On Sat, 01 Jun 2019 15:11:10 +0100, N_Cook wrote:

Getting inside a TV for the all too common reason, to divert the crappy
internal speakers to something decent, ie larger for some bass, externally.

I prefer to use a hi-fi or entertainment contrivance that already has
proper external speakers and better bass/treble controls. I usually
need to couple it through an isolation xformer to avoid hummmmm caused
by a ground loop.

3 caps on the ps marked "G-LUX" 470uF, 10V gold and black all with
exactly the same degree of bulge.

G-Lux is the abrev for G-Luxon capacitors:
They merged with Teapo Electronic Company of Taiwan in 2005:
which means those caps were probably some of the first caps out of the
factory in China.

Beko 22WLP530HID, 2008

The TV is 11 years old. Maybe it's time to replace the bulging caps.
If you can make them fit, I suggest a higher voltage rating.
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