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Default Old DMM display problem

Hi to all,
I have collected an old (80s) HT 1100A multimeter that seem a clone of a
Fluke of that era.
It mount a classic 7106 A/D converter that drive driectly a LCD display.
When turned off, the display appear in good conditions, no black marks,
brownings or burning signs.
When I turn on the DMM, the display show almost all segments, except
when the display is not 00.0 (that appear like 88.8)
If I measure something that implies display to show fewer segments
(like, i.e., 11.1) the reading is ok without ghost segments.
If I reduce supply from 9V to around 4-5V, the display start to show
00.0 correctly, but with still some light ghost segments.
Replacing the 7106 with another don't eliminate the problem.
Do you think that I can try to solve?