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Default Buzzer replacement

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019 23:02:58 UTC+1, wrote:
I have a vintage Micronta (Radio Shack) analog multimeter. model 22-214.
Its a great meter. And I usually prefer analog meters for most stuff.
(old habits are hard to break).

Anyhow, the meter works fine except the continuity selection. There is a
buzzer inside thats supposed to beep. It does, but it's very quiet. I
can barely hear it. If I apply some pressure to it, with my finger or a
pencil eraser, it gets louder but wont stay that way. So I know it's the
buzzer itself thats bad, not the circuit.

Since I can no longer get replacement parts from Radio Shack, I have to
get a generic replacment. All my years of electronics, but I have never
replaced or used a buzzer for anything.

How do I select the right type? There is 2 to 2.5 volts DC going to the
buzzer when it's active. So, I need something for that voltage. It's NOT
mounted on the printed circuit board, so thats a good thing. There is
plenty room in the case to mount anything. Glue it, or screw it on. So,
how do I get the right buzzer? Or is it just based on the voltage? I
really dont know much about them.....

1. voltage
2. physical space limits
3. Magnetic (low frequency bzz) or high rfequency piezo.

Any replacement will be too loud, soft glue on the bleeper will be needed.