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Default Gas Boiler lifetime

On Sat, 18 May 2019 09:47:49 +0100, Harry Bloomfield

Vir Campestris expressed precisely :
It's gone wrong, and the guy looking at it reckons it's had it. That's a
surprise to me... is it likely, or is he another cowboy?

Assuming it isn't repairable, what's the current view on boiler

All boiler faults are repairable, bound to be parts available, but what
has to be considered is the cost versus likely life once repaired. What
has this guy said has failed on the boiler?

The more recent the boiler, the shorter their working life seems to be
and the more complex they become. First boiler, an old Glow Worm lasted
almost 30 years and repaired up a few times cheaply.

We were persuaded to replace it with a more efficient condensing Ideal.
That was more complex, more complex to repair and became uneconomic to
continue repairing it due to cost of parts versus a new boiler. Present
one is a Vaillant, installed a year ago, has much better diagnostic
abilities built into it and a neat display.

Diagnostic abilities?

The ability to diagnose part xxyyzz being defective and finding that
the part is obsolete or costs nearly as much as the original boiler?

Even the humble ink cartridge has diagnostic abilities these days. For
who's benefit though ? At one time boiler bits could be "adapted" to
fit and ink cartridges refilled but progress means that the very
semiconductors making up the diagnostic chain lock the consumer into
the suppliers pricing structure.