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Default POTS Telephone Block

Hello, and my apologies for not a repair query but since this ng seems
well attended -

In the old days of copper-wire analog phone service, on Western-Electric
(Ma Bell) residential phone installations, the twisted-two wire outside
plant phone line first encountered a terminal block (usually in the
basement/laundry room or garage) inside the house. All the phone
extensions in the home were connected to that block which also provided
a third terminal with a wire that was earthed (run to a clamp on a
metallic water pipe). The yellow wires from the phone extensions were
connected to the earthed terminal. The black wires from the phone
extensions if not used were usually just clipped short or coiled around
the gray outer jacket of the 4-wire line. Does anyone know if this
terminal block provided an internal lightning arrestor of some sort?
Thanks for your time and comment. Sincerely,
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