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On Sunday, 14 April 2019 15:43:32 UTC+1, Expiring wrote:

I have a few almost new usage-wise, but very old, tools with rubber
handles. I want to keep using them.

The rubber surface has become gooey and sticky and comes off on my hands.

I cannot easily cover it with tape.

Is there some way to fix this. ?

Some chemical to solidify the rubber goo ?

Is it only the surface that I can somehow clean off ?

AFAIK that stuff isn't fixable, once it goos it just deteriorates. Temporary improvement can be had by dusting it with talc or cornstarch. Repair requires removal, which is not easy. Usable softeners include toluene, xylene, neat washing up liquid, and old brake fluid seems to be the best. Most of those have their hazards.